Juniors on their activities weekend
Discovery Trip to Finland that two of our members went on
Go Kart racing 2011

What is Young Farmers?


Young Farmers are one of the largest rural youth organisations in the UK, consisting of 657 clubs and over 23,000 members. Our club Purton and Cricklade YFC is situated in Wiltshire with around 50 members and we meet in around the Purton/Cricklade area.


Young Farmers offers members the chance to travel and gain valuable experience along the way with the discovery programme. Countries from Australia, Norway, and Canada. For more information on the discovery programme please follow this link http://www.nfyfc.org.uk/discovery.


We also compete in many different competitions in the year which give our members many new skills.  For example we do sport competitions, tug of war, welding, stock judging, clay shooting, night hikes, pantomime's, crafts and many more activities.


Young farmers also raise money for other charities, in the past we have raised money for the air ambulance, hearing dogs for the death and break through breast cancer. We raise money by doing different fund raising activities which also include charity dinner and dances.


Membership age is from 10-26. This is split between a junior and senior club, juniors are 10-16 and the seniors are 16-26.


And no! you don't need to be a farmer to be a member all you need to be is willing too learn, make new friends and have loads of fun.


If you are interest in joining our club please go to our contact page and enter your details.